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At North East Truck & Driver, we pride ourselves on being your local recruitment specialists. We have over 25 years’ experience in the North East. It really doesn’t matter what stage your career is at; or even if you are just thinking about a change into the industry; North East Truck and Driver will be there to help and offer guidance and expertise.


We work hard to become a trusted supply partner to your business. Constantly focussed and dedicated to delivering seamless integration into your existing workforce and culture by working together to develop highly successful recruitment solutions.

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The Logistics Division of North East Truck & Driver is operated and ran by leading industry professionals with over 25 years’ experience of both working in and, operating in, the North East.

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1 week ago

Here at North East Truck and Driver, we have a huge range of vacancies, both temporary and full time.

To view the list of roles that we are currently hiring for visit ... See more

1 week ago
Apprenticeship levy 'not working' after 2017/18 sees 10% of predicted starts

Apparently, the industry is not making best use of the Apprenticeship levy...

It seems that (Despite the best efforts of all involved in trying to create the apprenticeship standards) it was ... See more

The Apprenticeship Levy is not delivering what it was designed for, according to a two-year review of the ‘Transport infrastructure skills strategy’ by the Strategic Transport Apprenticeship ... See more

1 week ago

For anyone on the lookout for a new job, it can be tough to find a new career.

We are proud to be able to offer people the chance to start in a new career that could set them up for life.

For ... See more

1 week ago
M27 diversion route will hit hauliers hard

Will you be effected by the M27 diversion route that is set to be active from 28th September until 1st October?

#M27 #Hauliers #M27DiversionRoute

M27 diversion route will hit hauliers hard. Read details of our latest press release here. The RHA: association of choice for road haulage and logistics operators.

2 weeks ago
T4 Clube Brasil - Troller

Not quite how they wanted it to go ...

Aspira Aspira..... Presta atenção 🙈 vai dar 💩.#t4clubebrasil

2 weeks ago
Combines Harvesters Threshers

Something a little different 👍🏻

Caravan with Renault 1.4 turbo engine
Video credit to 993ti
Imagine this thing passing you, lol.
It's powered by a 105bhp Renault 1.4 turbo engine

2 weeks ago
New map reveals UK's riskiest roads | Trucking

A map revealing the Uk's riskiest roads has been released...

#DriverNews #UKRoads #RiskRoads

The most dangerous roads in the UK have been revealed on a new map produced using data from police and the Department of Transport

2 weeks ago

Did you know... according to the Department for Transport, if you lay out all the roads in the UK, you would go into space and past the moon, over 238,000 miles!

#UKRoads #Drivers #RoadFacts

2 weeks ago
Uber Will Double its Investment in Uber Freight

How long will it be before Uber Freight hits the UK?

"Despite shuttering its autonomous long-haul freight program, Uber is planning on doubling its investment in the Uber Freight unit over the next ... See more

Despite shuttering its autonomous long-haul freight program, Uber is planning on doubling its investment in the Uber Freight unit over the next year. Uber...

3 weeks ago

It has been said that the UK is currently suffering a shortage of between 45k and 50k HGV drivers.

If you want to play your part in the revival of the haulage industry, get in touch with us!

To ... See more

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